Back to Work

The holiday weekend hasn’t been a complete washout, until today. It’s just bucketing and looks like it’s not going to stop all day, so I’m back to Facebook, adding some new friends and catching up on messaging some new ones and also catching up on this here blog. What on earth did we do on a wet day before Facebook?

I suppose we did more creative things and really I must get around to doing more arty stuff. Time just slips by and I blame much of that on the internet.

Looking forward to my course on jewellery making. We found some fab shells on the beach. Don’t know whether they’ll be any good for what we’re learning, but I’ll be taking them along to the first class.

Back to work tomorrow. Drat! It’s not the best part of my life but I’ve come to accept that I just don’t have what it takes to go out and be an entrepreneur so I guess I have to suffer in silence.

I did once try to set up an arty business, selling some lovely bits and pieces by local artists. I had a stall at several markets and fairs, but it just didn’t pay, in fact I lost quite a lot. So I gave it up. If I was really clever at building websites and things I could give it another go, but it’s not really my thing.

Actually the job isn’t that bad as jobs go. I’m an admin assistant at a pet supply company. We make lovely collars, leads, pet beds and loads of other things for pampered pets. I don’t get involved in making anything of course, but I’m really a goffer. Sometimes it can be quite interesting though, like the time I was sent out to see a wealthy lady with 6 dogs who wanted to buy separate beds for each one, to match their personalities! They decided not to waste a salesman so I got the job.

We spent ages trying every dog in several different beds until she was happy that they were suitable. Spent a fortune because our custom-made beds are not cheap. I often think of her in that big house with all those pooches and wonder whether they all use their allotted beds or whether they mix and match. That would upset her after all that careful selection!

Anyhow it made a nice change from typing and filing and I have a feeling she might ask to see me again if she gets another dog and needs a new bed. I expect she’ll bury the bed with the pet when the time comes!

On the whole I’ve enjoyed my holiday, even though the weather has been rubbish (that’s why we British are so obsessed with the weather, because it rules our lives and our holidays). I’ve decided to start a holiday fund and put in £50 a month, maybe £100 if I’m feeling flush, so I can go on a decent holiday next year and get out of the rain.