The Trees

I’ve spent the day watching tree felling over at the park with some hunky tree surgeons from Horsham. It’s so sad to see three beautiful trees (oaks I think but I’m no expert), being chopped down. Well strictly speaking I suppose they’ve been chain-sawed rather than chopped.

But it was fascinating to see how they did it. Those were pretty large trees and they started at the top removing branches. Then worked their way down. They were roped up and had obviously done the same job lots of times before because they were super-efficient and very fast.

I got talking to one of them and he told me how he’d got into the business and how he’d loved trees all his life. It must be well rewarding to do something you really enjoy.

I think he was sad to see these big trees come down too. But they were diseased and he said they’d only last another few years  then they could become dangerous. So the council decided they should be felled now rather than wait. Luckily there are lots more trees in the park so I don’t think it will worry too many people.

After the fellings, they moved on to trim some of the other trees. They removed some of the crown (I learned that from the tree surgeon I spoke to), and the idea is to let in more light and encourage the trees to grow healthily.

They’re coming back for a day next week to finish off the work so I may go back to watch again. It’s nice to see craftsmen at work, even if they are removing such lovely landmarks.

I may look out for them and have another chat to my new friend.