The picnic is on

We’re going down to the beach and taking a picnic. At last a real holiday activity. Sandy said we should take the opportunity before the hoards arrive at Bournemouth, but we’re probably too late since it’s Bank Holiday weekend.

But I don’t care whether it’s crowded, we’re still going and we’ll have our picnic even if we have to sit in the rain!

I’m going to look for some nice shells because I’m taking a class on jewellery making in September and maybe I can use them to make something unusual. I love all the natural shapes and forms you find on the beach and it would be even better if I could find the odd diamond ring.

My brother found a ring on the beach when we were kids. We were just digging in the sand and he came across it. It was handed to the police but no-one claimed it so he got it back and sold it after a few months. Don’t know what he did with the money, but he didn’t share it with me!

Busy making sandwiches and stuff to take so I’ll update later about how it went. Excited!