Building our House

Ooh so excited to be back. Nothing happens for ages, then along comes Covid19 (snappy name eh?), only 3 months after we decided to have a house built in Horsham. Wow – how exciting.

So our house builder is a local guy who does a great job of project the whole thing so there’s no worry for us.

Robbie is a nice guy we chose because of his experience in building bespoke properties that are energy efficient and look beautiful. After all, if you’re having a house built it should be nice to look at – nothing worse than an ugly house.

We first came across him when he built a house extension for our friends and we were so impressed by the finish and the design that we hired him to build our house. I’ll be blogging about the progress made as things go along, but meanwhile the start was somewhat hampered by the virus and social distancing. Now that the strict rules have been lifted a little, things are starting to move ahead and the plans are starting to take shape as a physical house.

Extension similar to our friends’ as I don’t have a photo of theirs

We’re pleased with the progress so far and believe his Horsham construction company is doing a good job. Again I’ll be updating here and will let you know if anything isn’t up to scratch!