Tea party

Thank goodness my other two chairs finally arrived. I’m really pleased with the whole look and I’ve been shopping.

I bought a lovely purple runner for the table and black table mats and mauve napkins. It looks stunning so I simply had to have a tea party to show it off.

The garden is still looking OK, although not as nice as it did, so I figured I should get some people round fast before everything started looking really tatty. So on Friday there were four of us for tea. I love a tea party but they don’t happen often in my house.

I spent ages making lovely little sandwiches with tuna and cucumber, ham and tomato and egg. We had scones with jam and lovely thick clotted cream, and cheese scones too. We had veggie sticks and sour cream and chive dip and salsa, which was all delicious and crisps too. And to round off everything I made a lovely coffee cake. It was delicious if I say so myself.

The coffee cake could have been a disaster because I managed to put just a little too much water in the icing. Once that happens it’s hard to get it back to the right consistency so I had to dump it and start again. Wasted a whole load of butter and icing sugar, but c’est la vie.

Of course my guests were Sandy, Jane and Mand (who else) and we had a lovely afternoon and evening. We drank lots of tea until 7pm then started on the wine! Jim entertained us with a few of his weird tricks, like chasing his tail and growling, jumping for flies and balancing on the narrow fence on 2 legs. He’s pretty athletic for a middle-aged cat.

The girls stayed until 11pm so we had plenty of time to gossip and catch up on everything as usual. We’ve booked a day at a spa together in a couple of weeks so am really looking forward to that. I intend to have a luxurious massage and relax.

It’s good to have such a lovely bunch of friends you can always rely on – I’m very lucky.