The electrics broke

Thank goodness for my mates at who saved my life when all the electrics went out. Why do these things always happen at the weekend?

These guys came out really quickly and I agree – they are the Best Electricians – in the whole of Sussex, not just Horsham!

I couldn’t even make them a cup of tea until they got the electricity back on, but they’re good guys to have out in an emergency. I’ve no idea what the problem was (though they did explain fully but it went over my head!) But suffice to say that I have all the power back on and can get on with life again. Phew.

It’s funny how we don’t appreciate something until we don’t have it any more. We happily trundle through life taking all our electrics for granted – switch on the lights, have a hot shower, keep the house warm, boil the kettle, make a cake. Everything revolves around electricity doesn’t it? At least it does in Brighton.

So now I’m back on line – because of course broadband and computers also don’t work without electricity. And what on earth would we do without Facebook?

By the way, it’s Valentines Day today. And No I didn’t get any cards. Enough said

Jim loves me though