Getting the carpets cleaned

I’ve got to get someone in to do some carpet cleaning now that spring is approaching.

I’ve noticed when the sun shines in the room that the carpets look dreadful. All those little stains show up – and I’ve spilt lots of things over the years! It’s funny how you can mop up something, clean it all away and it looks fine for a while. Then somehow it creeps back and starts to look grubby again.

Well the weather in Brighton has been quite nice and we’ve had some sun this week. Love to go down to the seafront and gaze at the sea. There’s always something different happening out there in the English Channel. One minute it’s raging and dark-looking, then it can be as calm as a millpond and look pretty inviting.

There is a swimming club in Brighton full of nutters who swim in the sea every day of the year! Imagine, swimming in January off Brighton beach. No thank you!

I’ve seen them on the TV and don’t remember any of them being very young. I suppose it builds resilience, but I’d rather be snug in bed than dipping my toe in that cold water.

But in the height of summer it’s lovely to have a bathe and even a short swim. The beaches get pretty crowded though in the good weather. That’s the trouble with living somewhere that’s getting more and more popular. You can’t swing a cat when everyone’s out and about and all the seasonal visitors appear.