Flatpack Furniture

There’s been a bit of a saga around my new dining table and chairs. I wanted a glass table and some nice chairs to complement my purple-accented living room. It’s not massive so I thought a glass top would be less intrusive than wood and look smart.

Back in July I found just the thing at Argos. A glass table together with 6 chairs in a sort of beige and black tartan-check fabric. The table wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I liked the chairs and decided to order it. The table had rather strange wooden legs that crossed over – they seem to be all the rage, but they aren’t my favourite.

Anyhow a date was arranged for delivery back at the beginning of August I think, when I could be home (it may even have been earlier). The day before delivery I got a text saying the table and chairs were out of stock and they re-arranged for 4th September. That was annoying enough but I decided to wait.

Then a couple of days before 4th September I got a voicemail – in fact I got 3! Guess what? The table was still out of stock.

When they contacted me again it was to offer me a different table, but with the same chairs. I checked out the table and it was a horrible wooden table, cheap-looking and not at all what I wanted.

Well eventually it turned out ok because I looked online and found a really nice glass table, with a chrome frame and legs. Much nicer than the original one. I called the company and they agreed to do a swap (luckily the new table was on sale and now the same price as the original). So all sorted. Delivery rearranged for 16th September.


It arrived on time, as promised – I was so happy. I was busy at the time and didn’t have time to check the boxes until the next day.


Each box contained two chairs. 2 boxes contained the right chairs but the other one contained green chairs! Aaargh. I thought about keeping them because they’re quite nice, but somehow they just don’t go together and my room is purple! So back on the phone to Argos who have now arranged to swap the chairs next week.

Fingers crossed….

So today we put them together. Took ages because they had long screw things with an allen key. They seem pretty solid but it took forever to tighten everything. Of course there are only 4 chairs at the moment but they look great!

So I’m pleased with everything – or I should be once I have the other two chairs.

What a saga, but all’s well that ends well.