The non-picnic

Well you guessed it, the picnic is postponed, if not all together cancelled. The day started out good with blue sky, but didn’t last so now its raining and there’s just no point going on a picnic in the rain.

Its bank holiday this weekend so maybe we can rearrange. Disappointing tho because we were all set.

So instead Sandy and me are hitting the town for a shopping spree. Its gonna work out far more expensive than a picnic and we won’t get tanned, but at least its an outing. And I’m taking my annual holiday so can’t just sit around the house with Jim wasting the days away. Wish I could afford a proper holiday somewhere nice and hot like Ibiza or I quite fancy Gibraltar. No idea why because I don’t know anything about it, except they have apes and it would be kinda cool to see them.

So here I am holidaying at home, though we could have some nice days out but somehow chose the wettest week of the “summer”. Funny how I spend so much time on Facebook and the computer these days. I should write a book “How to spend your Summer Holiday on the Computer”. Wonder how many other sad people do the same?

But its time to glam up for our shopping trip. We’ll have lunch too so will be good and I’ll try not to spend too much, otherwise I might as well have gone away.

Checking back later with what I bought.