Starting the Journey

I’m nervous to start this new blog because it’s something I’ve never done before.

Sure I’ve kept a diary but that’s kinda private and I never showed that to anyone. But a blog is out there for everyone to see. Perhaps that’s what makes it so inviting – a sort of semi-voyaristic record of what I’m up to.

Anyhow I’m going to detail how my life is going and it’s interesting to think that absolutely anyone could come across this outpouring and make assumptions about me – without really having any idea what I’m like. There’s a bit more about me at

I’ll probably delete all this tomorrow when I check back in and re-read it, but meanwhile I’m just putting down my thoughts as they occur.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we’re going on a picnic – weather permitting. It poured today and we all stayed in with glum faces staring out at the miserable day. But the Met Office says tomorrow will be better so we’re sticking to our plan and I’ll report back when we get home.

Fingers crossed we have some lovely warm sunshine!