Hi I’m Ali

My real name is Alabama, hence the name of my website, but all my friends call me Ali.

I’m what is euphamistically called “middle aged” – haha not revealing exactly how old!  I’m single, divorced 5 years ago, no children and live in a lovely country cottage in a pretty village in the Midlands.

I guess I’m happy in my skin nowadays but I’ve been through a rough patch. I keep a couple of pet rabbits in the garden and have a gorgeous tabby cat called Jim. Hilarious I know – whoever would call a cat Jim? But when I first split from my husband I was pretty lonely so the poor cat got landed with a human name just so I could pretend I had a man at home – haha nuts!

I’ve got some really good friends, enter Sandy, Jane and Amanda (Mand) to name but three. We’re known as “the girls” and get together a couple of times a month for wine and food. Notice how wine got the first mention! We have a good time any way and go out on the town occasionally too.

I’m quite arty, interested in all different aspects from theatre to needlecraft and painting. My original idea was to get into more projects and document them here. But somehow there’s never really time for all that stuff, so this website/blog or whatever will wend its way and land whereever.