Enjoying Brighton

I’m so enjoying being back in Brighton again though the weather isn’t so brilliant when it’s blowing a gale off the sea.

I’ve decided that this year I’m really going to get down to making some jewellery, because of course Xmas got in the way so looking back on my last post I’m feeling a bit embarrassed.

Not much else to do in January, though I’m going to see Dynamo at the Brighton Centre at the end of the month, so am really looking forward to that. I find that a lot of bills need paying at this time of year, so I’m pretty broke and won’t be going out much. Luckily I bought the Dynamo tickets months ago so they’re well paid for.

Here’s a lovely photo of Brighton pier that I saw on the internet. I’ll try to add it at the top of this blog. And I’m thinking I might try to take some brilliant photos of my own this year.

Brighton pier

ps Tried to add the photo at the top of the blog but it’s the wrong shape so it takes up the whole screen. It would be a shame to hide my brilliant writing haha